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Foberje-cover Artist Series July 31st, 2022 Fabergé
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About the gift

Almost one hundred and forty years ago, the Russian emperor commissioned the jeweler Carl Fabergé a present for his wife, an Easter egg of unprecedented beauty made of precious stones and metals. The Tsar liked the result so much that these Easter eggs became a traditional gift each year. The tradition was continued by his son, the next emperor. A total of 50 precious Easter eggs were made, and most of them have survived to this day. But one egg was kept secret from everyone. And we found it! Meet the 51st Fabergé Egg 🥚

author signature Artwork by StrangeGeeks

Strange Visual Geeks are cool 3D visualization artists with more than 15 years of design and visualization experience. They came in peace with a mission to help people see the colorful and yummy part of the galaxy.