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Potion Pot Potion Pot September, 24 Ninpow Ninpow September, 23 Batara Kala Batara Kala September, 22 Strawberry 2 Strawberry 2 September, 21 Baby Baby September, 20 Z-zz-z Z-zz-z September, 19 Time to Scale Time to Scale September, 19 Smiley Guy Smiley Guy September, 18
About the project

Chiko & Roko is an online platform for free art toys. We will be giving out new NFT gifts on a daily basis, including exciting thematic NFTs with unique designs made by authors and designers from different countries. The art toys can be viewed from different angles in 3D and turned into cool social media content with the use of AR technology.

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chikoroko-index.jpg Collaborations

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please click on the relevant link below to fill out the form and join our project in any available capacity.

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  • Integration of the platform with OpenSea
  • Implementation of the functionality of selling art toys for Gold
  • KYC integration
  • Launch of mobile version
  • Creation of an internal marketplace on the platform
  • Creation of a secondary market on the internal marketplace
  • New mechanics of assembling collections
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